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Radio Christine – We’re All Addicts!

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My name is Christine and I am the Editor of Icepi, Webstynx and Newspalace Press Releases. Besides writing reports and “spying” I make music and love reading different kind of philosophy. I belive that there are more to the human being than meet the eye. We are bodies to a higher being, the entity and the energi of life. This is my first radio blog and I hope you will enjoy it!

Before I start this first episode, I will take the time and explain the adjustments to Icepi. As it say’s in “About Us”, all articles here are for sell. I am kind of breaking the fashion of  thinking everyone’s thought can be copyrighted! I will in the future publish the entire article but, keep the research for sell. I will also add a donate button for you who believe that we need the free mind to develope and evolve as a living species!

Thank you & Welcome to Icepi!

Christine Cleopatra Djerf

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