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Seaport Rose

Yposterixi Democracy was born from the futuristic fantasy “Seaport Rose, pacific floating community”, Authour ChristineC Djerf

“Seaport Rose Senator (Frost) McGavvin. Foreign affairs (short tempered human rights preacher)
Uumba Maye: Internal affairs and economy (square thinking mathematical genius, with common wealth and equality in mind. Not easy to deal with).

“Refills” (Reimbursement fundings, income loans) – SPR’s own currency. Money you can refill yourself by doing community tasks. You “DNA” register, do the task and automatically earn refills.

Pontus Morier: Central Bank minister.

Refva: 1400-1500 (year when she lived is unclear) semi goddess and believed to partly have come from outer world civilizations, based on the “J’ska” myth.
SeaPort Rose, also called The Atlantic City: Island in the Atlantic or Pacific sea with descendants from Petra in Jordan but very mixed population today.

Noctava: official language based on 3D graphs, hard to learn but are used combined as “graphs, mathematics, alphabet…”. -“The meaning is more important than the word” Since the language are old it is said that simple countries can be mapped out just by its name, through Noctava. Most citizens speak English and other languages too, in which they use Noctava knowledge.

Rose Petrarc/-ark (red rock arch) meaning, guardians of the red stone: Official name of the citizens.

Port Valhalla: Cyber Island belonging to Sea Port Rose. -Is a UN marketplace, not allowed to public.

Port Moth: War accommodation. Strategic international fighting cyber arena with physical and heavy armory arena outside earth. Number of cyber attacks on world country servers in Port Moth each month 7.754.997.

Chairman: Sea Port Rose most important person. Even though the political system are Democracy, they have a president and five political parties. The chairman sit up to 20 years. The president has a four-year term. The political parties are selected through public vote and can stay for as long as they reach assigned goals. Goals are publicly voted through, when president candidate are being chosen.

If a political party at this time has disappointed the public, their goal has not been reached or the goal is not beneficial to the common wealth. New parties have the chance to run. The president work together with the five political parties and their goals. The president speak officially for the country and have the possibility to change ministers of the political parties, if the president find that the minister do not follow the task of the party.

The Chairman can at any time exclude an entire political party and call for reelection of president. Chairman can at anytime stop a process within the political system. A president that has lost term through cancelling, can not be reelected. The Chairman can not vote. The Presidents first task is to represent the country and people through the political parties. A president may alter political tasks, if five of five parties agree. If one or two disagree, it becomes a public vote. Chairman can not meddle in these decisions when public vote but, Chairman can stop non earlier publicly discussed questions from reaching execution. The president has senators that execute his/her orders.

Chairman: Nicolay Brom (67)
President: Janine Vico (45)
Political parties: Liberals, SPR Democrats, Science Party, Human rights Wing, The Atlantic Movement.

Rose Petrarcs live in condominiums much looking like soil covered caves or the huts in the story “Lord of the rings”. The island in itself are manufactured today which makes it less a victim of hurricanes and floods. They are often referred to as “sea creatures” because of their skill to form water. The island is a set of 576 joint smaller islands. Population 7.000.492 people. This makes each joint island enormously big. The islands are also called states. In each state, the legislation can differ. “

finding out what needs to be known. Seaport Rose has 4 airports. 3 of these are used as travels between countries. The last one is only for travels outside earth atmosphere.

Cool facts: The total weight of Seaport Rose is estimated to 30 million tonnes and are “said” to have increased the sea level 1 cm. The island clean up to 400.000.000.000 gallons of sea water per year. It is by far the most expensive project ever built but has alone saved hundreds of species that would have died through contamination and 1 billion people who would have died without food.

Being a Rose Petrarc is an easy job. If you have no skills, you can still join public service at any time to earn some cash. No supervisor telling you, you did an under qualified job. The cash flow depend solely upon you and there are always work to be done.

The money are commonly called refills and are connected to you as a person. One hour of work can easily feed a family of five persons a day. Food beside fish and vegetables are more expensive since, Seaport Rose do not have any animal farms beside fish and vegetable agriculture.

Do you have expertise skills? Experts earn very much money or refills. There are always expert openings on Seaport Rose, so don’t forget to apply. Moving to Seaport are not all that easy. Because of the popularity, the cue are 14 years. You can however slip through if your expertise or experience are asked for or if a Rose Petrarc dies or leave the country.

Seaport Rose are considered to be a country where world demands are tested. Rose Petrarcs are physically tested every fifth year but, once you get your citizenship, everything about you from home country are nulled, if you like. As a Petrarc, it is not allowed to be experimented on. The island is in focus and collaboration for the future of earth but, the individual are not. Collectively yes. When you move from main land to Seaport Rose, you leave most belongings behind. This because of weight of the islands and security. Crimes are handled with deportation to the last country the citizen had a citizenship in “

Senator McGavvin open his speech at the UN with, condemning the sanctions against North Korea. He says it is against Human Rights to put the pressure on the people before settling the very dangerous argument in Port Moth or preferably before taking it in to the arena. McGavvin continues, “the pressure also lands on each country that has sworn the Human Rights watch, to ease the burden of the people in North Korea with food, necessities and money. These latest actions is overall a bad plan to solve denuclearization and Seaport Rose do not agree to the costly sanctions nor strategy”. Senator McGavvin then change the subject and talk about the future railroad and shuttle communication between countries and Mars. “To reach the future and abundance of wealth, we must invest in sustainable development for all before throwing countries back in time and cause even more poverty, death and destruction. We have Port Moth, let the arguments stay there and be solved there, beneath international surveillance”. Seaport Rose financial status today are: No registered poverty, no homeless, minimum CO2 transmissions and unemployment beneath 2%. As Senator of Seaport Rose, I am proud to be a part of and a leader to this amazing place on earth. I think we all can agree on, there are obvious and superb ways to reach that amazing future for all, only will seem to hinder. Thank you “


“The Official Mothnet billboard: On the official billboard (on internet), the public can follow the Mothnet war like this; Ex, Country X latest strike: + $2.000.000 Total; President X, suggest joint efforts to more sanctions. Leader Y, says it is non negotiable… strikes back (update of casualties in 15 minutes). New York Times: Country X withstood the attack, that looked like a Mothnet Black Widow and the defense are now checking for possible infections. Sputnik: Country X have moved a large amount of troops to the attacked area and according to an source from Country Y to Sputnik, Country X had a larger vault where the strike took place. Ian Wazowski, professor AI, Auckland University says to Expressen in Sweden: -We haven’t seen Mothnet Black Window’s in years, which raise concerns about the use today. If MBW has been developed, we might see as a quick ending to this war as in 22 (2022). According to Dailymail, a developed MBW will be devastating for Country X but, since Country Y still haven’t been able to defend themselves properly, it is more likely that, it is the old program. Billboard:…Mothnet confirmes, the MBW are of a new sort and Country X are working to eliminate the fast spreading virus. 3000 of 150.000 partitions are now showing infestation. So far the server has not been damaged but show a significant slowdown in the infected sections. After a war, the money are immediately transferred to each country.”

Port Moth is a costly (for participants) cyber and physical arena in two faces. Step one: Cyber war where countries through their own server on Mothnet (non public military internet parted from public internet) conduct warfare. Stakes are extremely high and costly when losing a war. Goal, make the opponent surrender or whipe out their server. Mothnets country servers are under attack 24/7, mostly from hackers that been able to build devices that tap in on Mothnet. Caught hackers are heavily fined and the country in which the hacker belong loose money, since it is only “non-tapped” servers that stay out of casualties. Mothnet is the world with all the countries in cyber format. A nuke in Mothnet, is a program that destroys or overload most of the opponent server in just a few blasts. To prevent mothnet nuke attacks, each country has its own Mothnet military squadron (highly trained Mothnet developers) that advance their own protection by the second. All countries are educated in Mothnet but then work alone to advance their own cyber weapons and shields secretly. Each server cost 1 billion, the highest war stake so far between 2 countries has been 500 billions each. Loosing country have to surrender the money. 1 billion is taken back to Mothnet and the country server is rebuilt. 19% is shared by the non fighting servers and the rest goes to the winner/ winners if in collaboration. Winnings are then moved over to each government. Within the Mothnet, there are always only 1 billion per country in peace time. The losing country are most often hurting very badly economically after a Mothnet cyber war, which put the rest of the world in a “hand-out”. Demands on losing country are made before the fight. There are in other words extremely much to loose but, also extremely much to win. The Mothnet cyber war are binding and are both officially and unofficially supervised. A country are free to use whatever means it find necessary within the Mothnet. Some countries even award hackers. A Mothnet war are often conducted with the fighting leaders in the same room, trying to negotiate. Each strike are aimed to hit partitions or hidden vaults where money are held, within the country Mothnet server. Port Moth cyber wars do not include any overthrow of leaders or governments but put the losing combatant in a severely needing position. All set stakes are equal between fighting countries. Ex, if 1 country stake 100 billions, all other combatants need to stake the same. This mean that a small country with less money but extremely good Mothnet fighters and highly developed programs, can win against bigger countries, even though the opponent are joined by other countries and walk away with 3-4 times amount of money in victory. Nukes: overload, overtaking programs or joint efforts to overthrow a country server. Cyberslide: Defense antivirus that redirect the attacker or program out from Mothnet completely (slides out). Cyberloop: Defense system that turn the attach back through echo or ping. Which can be devastating to the attacker if uses nukes. Mothnet Black Widow (first Mothnet nuke built): A virus that eats (replace and transform) programs in country servers. It becomes an “egg sack” that burst when detected. When in, defense is to freely shutdown partitions that are infected. Any money in those partitions are lost and so are partitions. Door lock: Often used after a Cyberslide and locks the attacker out of Mothnet. There are thousands of programs and it is constantly coming new ones. Mostly because, the servers in themselves are only joint in warfare so, each server develops differently and under top secrecy. Mothnet is in no way compatible with and can not be connected with internet. “

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